For someone with a chronic or complex mental health condition, the support of a hospital is often life-saving and sought at their most critical point.

But often, we don’t think about mental health the same way we think about our physical health – especially when it comes to a hospital’s space and design.

Calgary Health Trust is working with partners across the community to explore new ways of thinking about mental health care, aiming to create customized services, spaces and supports that will meet each person’s unique needs with the right care at the right time.

Through your support of the Hospital Home Lottery we are investing in new critical and therapeutic care at Peter Lougheed Centre and Rockyview General Hospital, designed specifically for mental health response. Our goal is to ensure that every patient that enters the hospital with chronic or complex mental health conditions will have the best possible chance to return to a better quality of life with their family and friends in the community.

From the emergency room to longer-term care units, the opportunity to enhance mental health services and supports in our hospitals across Calgary is immense.

Thank you for supporting Calgary Health Trust through this year’s Hospital Home Lottery.

What if we thought of mental health the way we thought of physical health?

In Calgary 85,000 people are currently receiving critical mental health support services.